Back in '94 the most unlikely of characters joined together to change our sport and the industry forever! Moto XXX burst onto the scene with a vengeance releasing the Moto XXX videos and launching their own race team to compete in Supercross. Made up of misfits, degenerates and those that have been cast aside, Moto XXX entered the Supercross pits for round one in a funky-ass box van with a crazy paint scheme, carrying two riders, who were far too edgy for a corporate sponsor. With Music blaring, hot chicks flocking and free promo items flying, the pits became a party scene centered around the new Moto XXX team! One round later the team shocked the world as Brian Deegan won the night's 125 Supercross event launching his bike on a ghost-ride as he crossed over the finish line!

Moto XXX went on to be the most infamous privateer team in racing history! Racer X magazine named the team "An American Icon who in fact changed the face of Motocross and freestyle forever!"

Moto XXX developed into a complete MX culture. Moto XXX has captured it's culture exclusively in the Moto XXX line of casual for your daily debauchery.
Wear it out!